#1460 – spring break psycho

i’ve got crackers on my lap ^_^

normally i don’t do quizzes, but i saw taeha was her own quiz result, and the questions were silly, so i took it:

See what kind of Psycho you are!

stueypark and i are working on figuring out what to do for spring break (march 21 – 31 for me). ^_^ we were looking up various prices and packages for either japan or england, hehe… i told stu that we could also be really random and just pick someplace to go… like iceland! stu said “afghanistan, i keep hearing about it in the news so it must be an interesting place… or that iraq place…”

which reminds me of my dream i had after i woke up to see if we had school and went back to sleep… basically it was a combination of a war movie, a history channel documentary, and a game of lemmings. i was with a bunch of soldiers running around iraq with explosions and stuff all around, and we would use these special binoculars to look around. then it kinda changed into a videogame sort of screen that looked kinda like lemmings and the enemy soldiers would show up red, and the civillians would show up green. the group of soldiers i was with made our way to the civillians and were going to sneak them out of iraq. as we were talking with them, enemy soldiers showed up, so we all piled into the basement and hid. while we were in the basement, we had to lead the civillians around to different exits and stuff, and the dream alternated between a first-person war-movie sort of view and a side view like playing lemmings. eventually we found a trap door in the basement and all hid down there, where it looked like some sort of secret room in an incan temple from peru or someplace… it didn’t have any other entrances or exits other than the trap door, the walls were made of gold, and then it turned into the documentary giving a quick walkthrough of the area, and even pointed out things like how at the corners of the room they had holes in the wall with a wire tied through to hold them together and keep them from falling over and “destroying the tissue” (they kept saying that). so we all hid in there until the enemy soldiers left, then we saw written on the bottom of the trap door “TO ESCAPE IRAQ HEAD E 500 YDS KEEP HEAD DOWN”. so we told the civilians how to escape. so yay.

i’m kinda stealing this bit from narie, but i thought it was rather interesting to see:

we cancelled the mock ritual for tonight… wonder if we’ll have the main initiation tomorrow… hm…