#1458 – snow

it’s snowing outside. pretty hard, too, at some spots on the drive home.

went to classes, took my math exam (not sure how i feel about how i did on it… there were three or so problems that i could NOT figure out. darn sigma notation and sequences :P). then i went to the fraternity apartment for our movie night (each night this week we’ve been having some sort of event leading up to initation on friday). our phi (guy in charge of rituals) picks out a sekrit movie and we watch it then discuss what themes in the movie are similar to themes of the fraternity and brotherhood in general. so we watched “a knight’s tale” (at first one guy thought it was a porno called “a night’s tail”, sheesh) – not bad… i had seen bits and pieces before, but it’s not a movie i would rent myself.

afterwards i went to the library on the way back to my car so i could find a bathroom to use before heading home, and i found bruno_boy in the lobby there, so we hung out and chit-chatted for a while. then i heard one guy leave the lobby, come back in and tell his friend that it was snowing outside, so we went outside to see the snow and i took that as my cue to head back home. uneventful drive, even with the snow and ice and slush. i was assaulted (literally) by a salting truck when i pulled into annapolis… it had a spreader on the back that was on while i drove by. 😛

now i had best get to bed, because i’ve got class at 10 am. i hope they cancel school, because it’s so late now, but then again i don’t want to have to go driving up to umbc just for our mock ritual tonight. and if things are cancelled, we might not even be able to have the ritual unless they have stuff open on campus.

i want a graphics tablet, then i can sketch out my teddy roosevelt drawings for el presidente – that would be much better for me, i think, than drawing them out. especially as my scanners won’t work with this computer anyways 😛