#1721 –  コンピュターはだめですよ。~or~ zero zero one one zero goes the zeroing process

i finally get everything all backed up onto the family imac (filling that up almost completely), my ipod (only 2 megs of space free on that now), two dvd-ram discs (for some reason only one side on each would show up :P), and a zip disc.

i get os x reinstalled, and it wouldn’t start up properly. ran disk first aid and it said that the drive was having a problem. fixed it, rescanned, and it still said it had a problem. tried starting up again, and it’s back to doing the corrupted screen on startup – THE VERY FIRST PROBLEM THAT I’VE HAD SINCE IT STARTED THESE SHENANIGANS TWO DAYS AGO. >_<;; i brought the computer down to only the parts that it came with, and it still did it. set it up to only use just the one hard drive that has the os installed on it, still won't work. reformatted the drive, reinstalled, and it still won't work. so now i'm trying zeroing the drive overnight and while i'm at school tomorrow, and if that doesn't work, then my computer is fucked. proper fucked. i priced new computers online just now, and i figured out what i want... now i just need to work lots and lots of hours to get it. ^_^; believe you me, when i get it, i don't think there's a single part from this computer i'm going to save - it's all just going to go to the junkyard. (or maybe i'll give the case to my friend chris... he wants to experiment with modding a case for his new computer...) unless someone wants to be nice and buy the new computer for me? ^-^