#1720 – baby computer names

yeah, i’m still at work. we’ve been busy for the first 2/3 of the day, and

now we’re pretty slow (except for our technical service desk… our

technicians just about always have a line).

anyway, since i was bored, i started thinking of what i’d name my next

computer. my current computer is named “thelemon” because that’s what it

seems to have been – a lemon. it’s had to have replaced:

– motherboard

– processor (twice)

– video card (twice)

… and probably a bunch of other stuff that i can’t think of right now…

basically, with my computer, everything except for the hard drive, dvd-ram

drive (that mine accidentally came with instead of a dvd-rom drive), and

modem has been replaced. i remember adding up the costs of each individual

componet, and it came out to be about twice the cost of the computer, heh.


back to computer names: i think the next computer i’ll get i’ll name

“mercury”. why?

– because another computer of mine has bitten the dust -> “another one

bites the dust” by queen -> freddy (or is it “freddie”?) mercury

– hopefully it’ll be a quicksilver g4… “quicksilver” is another name for


– and it’ll definitely be faster than my current computer, so the “quick”

bit is rather fitting, i think, hehehe

yeah, i’m a dork, hehe. ^_^;