#1719 – i wish i could crash into bed like my hard drive crashed

i’m about to fall asleep right now in my corner at work… serves me right

for watching the movie “super troopers” and not getting into bed until 5

am… ^^;; and i’m sick of spaghetti, too. 😛 watched some of the

commentary on “resident evil” too. that had some… interesting (heh heh)

commentary on that. milla jovovovovovoich (however it’s spelled) sounded

like a typical blonde, lol.

anyway, last night i tried hooking up a new ethernet cable i got for my

computer to see if the problem with not getting an ip address from the dhcp

server was because of the cable, but this new one didn’t work either. i

found another network card around the house, and managed to find an os x

driver for it, but it didn’t even work with that, either. so i tried

plugging it into a different port in the hub, and it still didn’t

work. so that tells me that it’s 1) not the motherboard, 2) not the cable,

3) not the hub. but since it was doing this in both os 9 and os x, i doubt

that it’s software related… maybe it’s something up with the cable

internet provider? i’m going to try resetting the motherboard when i get

home to see if that helps any. ^^;

in any case, i spent some time last night working on backing up important

files from my computer to my ipod, because i want to erase my drives and

reinstall anyway – i had got messages saying that the computer found disk

errors that it couldn’t repair, and that i should backup my files and

reformat. 😛