#1442 – snow

it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. we probably will just get rain here, but dad says that because we might get some snow, everyone has to take turns raking the leaves from the backyard today. i told him that i can’t, because i have to go to work at 2:30, so he says that lucky me is exempt. XD dad asked me also if i have any more school this week and i said no – umbc is supposed to have school tomorrow, but my teachers for my classes cancelled classes for the day. he also asked me if i was working any more during the week, and i said “yeah, i’m working every day this week, except for the days i don’t work”, hehehe…

i still have to get the bar in the basement cleaned up tonight after work and tomorrow morning before work. ^^;

turned in my ecad project today, and watched some presentations in my ifsm class. afterwards i set up a time for advisment on monday for registering for classes, and went to the bank branch they’ve got at school (i stopped in there yesterday to ask if i had this line of credit on my account – i thought they signed me up on that when i opened the account, but turns out i didn’t have it on there). yesterday when i went to the bank they gave me the paperwork to fill out, and when i went back today they not only remembered my name, but also how long it’s been that i’ve lived at my house (which was discussed yesterday). still, it’s eerie when i discussed this yesterday with a guy, and today the lady that works next to him remembered all this. o_o;; i got to use my psychic abilities to remember my bank account number, hehehe…

i feel like walking the bwi trail sometime.

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