#1440 – eccentric

i think i’m eccentric enough to warrant having my own reality tv show, but nooooo… apparently i have to let myself go and get tremendously large like anna nicole smith (she used to look great, i’ll admit that, but she’s let herself go and now she just looks dumpy), or bite the heads off some bats. why would i want my own reality tv show? so i could share with the public my zanyness and have them ride along with me down the highway with “hungarian rhapsody #2” by lizst blasting from my speakers, or see me spinning around in my chair here to “the saber dance” from the play “gayaneh” by kachaturian.

i think i may end up making that second vid myself… sit my camera in the corner of the room and have it film automatically… hm…

anyway, zenmetsu and stueypark came over… stu did music video work at dan’s place last night, and dan brought him back tonight. we hung out here, and after stu left, dan, mom, kelly, and i watched “speedy” on turner classic movies. it was a pretty funny silent movie, hehe… i’m glad i found out online that they’ll be showing it again in january, because then i’ll get a chance to tape it. i really liked it.

while stu and dan were here, i was cracking jokes like “where do hobos live? hoboken.” and this was even before carla80‘s post, lol… it was also really funny how i started acting really excited about something i heard on the radio… mattress warehouse is having a sale, and all of their mattresses are the same price!! wow!! but that’s probably no good because they’re most likely just taking the prices of their smaller mattresses and boosting their prices up to the price of the larger mattresses and leaving the prices of the larger mattresses the same! so it’s not going to be a good deal at all! they thought that i was crazy for being so excited about that insight, but i thought it was rather practical. so, yeah, see the above bit about me being eccentric, hehe… XD

hm… i should see if my old indiana jones (genuine) hat still fits… i’m in a mood to wear it when i’m out and about. but then again, that could be spur-of-the-moment since i’m listening to the indiana jones theme here anyways, hehe…

um… and that’s it. work tomorrow, then off to school. and i’ve got to remember to get the bar in the basement all cleaned up and toss the trash and straighten up because this coming weekend when i’m away, the son of the guy who built our house is coming by to see what it’s like now.