#1439 – massive internal bleeding and kristina / christina / christina (chris)

well, maybe not “massive”, but it’s internal. ick ick.

i went to work this morning, doing the usual express lane thing (rang up only a few customers while i did that, and most of the time that i wasn’t helping customers out i was still trying to figure out a schedule for december – it’s hard figuring out a schedule for yourself, 2 people that you think are working at your store, 2 other people that may or may not be working at your store, and having one more guy come in halfway through the month. and THEN try doing that while remembering that every week in the month, the hours that the store is open change.)

my manager, jason, had been busy smoothing over unsatisfied customers for most of the day. after we were open about 2 hours, he came up to me and said that he had to deliver some phones to our kiosk in the mall, and so if anyone needed a manager to just call his cellphone. i said to him “you sure? i can take those over, and you can get more work done here…” (besides, i wanted to get a few minutes of outsideness, since it was such a nice day today, hehe.) jason asked me if that was ok, and i said that it wasn’t any problem, so he let me pack up our phones and stuff that the kiosk needed, borrow a handcart from the store, and take everything over to the mall.

i went to our kiosk where kristina was working – she was the only one working in the kiosk today. she asked me if i was going to be working there for the rest of the day with her as she and i are friends and she was lonely by herself, and apparently jason had told her before that if the kiosk gets busy they can send a greeter over there to help out. i told her that i was just dropping the stuff off, but if she wanted to get the ok from jason, i wouldn’t mind. she called him up, said “can i steal glenn? … ok! cool!” and then told me that he didn’t mind. she said that this way then we both benefitted – she had someone to talk to, and i didn’t have to do as much work, hehe…

so we basically hung out at the kiosk, and she was glad that i stayed to help because business picked up after i arrived, and so i was able to answer questions and help with accessories and whatnot while she talked to people about accounts and plans and set everything up.

also got to meet some other people that work in the mall near the kiosk… there were two guys (didn’t catch their names) and a girl (christina) who worked in the jewelery store across the way. the guys i just saw in passing, but christina was introducing her friend from new jersey and stopped by to say hi… they were pretty funny. kristina said that christina was wacko, but i thought that she was cute. she did have the sweater-thing going on, so maybe i was biased, but i thought she looked better than her dumpy-looking friend, lol.

later, another girl (also named christina, but she goes by chris) who’s friends with kristina stopepd by. she works at a cellphone mod booth a few kiosks down, and stopped by to show us her modded phone.

while i was working at the kiosk, i was replacing a lady’s antenna in her motorola 120e – you have to pull out the plug for the antenna with a pair of pliers, and push in the new antenna. well, the pliers i was using closed fully on both the plier end and on the handle end, so when i was squeezing the handle, the plier end slipped and snapped closed, and so did the handle. it ended up pinching part of my thumb in there pretty tightly and so i shouted “OUCH” and waved my hand around. kristina ended up having to replace that antenna, and another 120 antenna because they just wouldn’t come out for me. oh well. so now i have this blood-blister thing about the size of a sesame seed on my thumb. ;_;

so that’s it. the store closed before i could return the cart, so i’ve got the handcart in my car. well, they’ve got my jacket at the store, so we’re going to have to do a swap, then!

guess what we’re having for dinner? beef with bell peppers! i guess that’s what it is… it’s called “beef pepper oriental”, so i’m guessing that’s what that is. and it better not be “special”, either!