#1437 – a-team

so i got bored with my downloaded mp3s right now, and decided to listen to some classic-rock internet radio station that i found the other day when i was cleaning my desk.

so i’m listening to it, and i had the volume down some so i could hear the songs, and i hear them play part of the a-team theme, and then the guy mumbles for a minute. i thought it was more techinical difficulties, because they were having some problems earlier.

then they play a few songs, and the guy starts talking again, then i hear a little more of the a-team theme. i paid attention this time and he said “if you know what tv show that theme is from, send me an email at and tell me. hint: think mr. t”

so, i fired up the ‘ol email app, sent him an email, told him it was the a-team and that mr. t rocks. ^_^

i got an email back after a few minutes:

From: Joe Beck

Date: Fri Nov 22, 2002 11:53:22 PM US/Eastern

To: Glenn Fitzpatrick

Subject: Re: [RCN] 9412 – The Rock Station

Man i didn’t think that one was that hard LOL thank you Glenn, and thank you for listening.

i thought it was the neatest thing. mom thought i was a dork.

stu: oooh yay, internet radio *waves finger around*

oh well. ^_^;