#1434 – gizmo, sprint, memory, ellen feiss

gizmo woke me up this morning (well, after mom woke me up on her way to work), because he was sitting on my bed giving himself a bath. it was an intense bath, i guess, because he kept it up for about 2 hours. 😛 then, once i was up, he yukked up some blades of grass that i guess he ate from one of our plants in the living room, so i had to clean that up. 😛

i was going to go to work today, but (just like last week) it’s my one day off of work. time to relax! at first i was planning to go to work for the entire day (that’s why mom woke me up), then just half of the day, but i’ve decided to just hang out and rest instead. ^_^;

i got yet another bill for -$572.98 from sprint (i cancelled my sprint account back in feburary or march, fyi). i’ve called them up about it before, and they said “oh, it’s not your money – someone accidentally paid that on your account.” i asked them if that was the case, could they then stop having these bills sent to me, and they said ok. i’ve still recieved bills each month from them, and when i asked the people at the local sprint store about it they said that i had to call customer service to get it taken care of. grr…

i also got an email from the place that’s supposed to be exchanging my memory… he said that i had to mail it to them with a copy of the email, a copy of the invoice, and a copy of the order number. i don’t have the invoice or order number anymore! so i sent an email back to see if they’d be able to look it up, and (livejournal to the rescue again!) i was able to tell them that i ordered it on the evening of august 31, 2001. so hopefully they’ll be able to find my info and everything’ll be ok.

and i read on slashdot that there was an interview with ellen feiss – i clicked the link, though, and the server was down because of all the people that tried to access it. i bet it went “bleepbleepbleepbleepbleep!!” and the interview was gone. it de-voured the website. it was a really good interview. so then i had to read it from someone’s post in the comments, and it wasn’t as good. it’s kind of… (wait for it…) …a bummer.