#1432 – memory

i think the troublemaker with my computer was (sadly) my 512 mb memory chip. ;_;

good news: most memory chips come with a lifetime warranty!

dan: where’d you get the 512?

me: don’t remember ;_;

dan: doh

me: the littler sticker on it sas “LD”

me: hehe

dan: lethal dose

dan: kinda appropriate

dan: hehehehe

me: hehe

me: great:

dan: lol

dan: great way to list stuff

me: hehe

me: besides, even if i were to get it replaced, it’s not like i’d be able to use it in my next computer

me: now they all use DDR ram

dan: that’s true

me: and this is only pc 100, not even 133

dan: you remember when you got it?

me: not really

me: lol

me: i probably mentioned it on lj if i were to poke around

me: hehe

dan: hahaha

dan: it’d be a lot of poking

dan: if it’s pc100, you probably got it a LONG time ag

dan: ago

me: yeah

so, i searched and searched through my livejournal posts, and i found where i bought it.

time to investigate return policies, and find some food for dinner. (still haven’t eaten ^_^;;)