#1427 – andy i

andy_i updated his weblog on sunday, and it contained large doses of teh funney, as usual… for example:

“I certainly thought that my wearing a silver ring on my right hand would never affect my ability to Get Some. ‘Balderdash,’ I retorted, after considering the question, never taking the thought a step further and wondering if, actually, my tendency to use words like ‘Balderdash,’ ‘Codswallop’ and ‘By jingo!’ was having a greater impact on my social life than any choice in jewelry.”


“Antonio Banderas is a millionaire and a movie star and he looks like that and talks like that and he’s all Latin and stuff, too. But the Universe thought that wasn’t enough; so, on the off-chance that there were still two or three women out there who were unwilling to strip down, coat themselves in strawberry jam and then mail themselves to the building where they heard Antonio picks up his dry-cleaning, the Universe arranged for him to make a movie dressed as Zorro.

Did I complain? No. I might have emitted a discreet attention-getting cough and then suggested to the infinite and ineffable Universe that maybe the Zorro costume and the international distribution should go to someone who wound up staying home and debugging his print server last Friday night, but I went no further than that.”


yep, it was very amusing, hehe. and that ring that he talks about in there, my uncle has one of those too, and i got to see it in action when i went to visit him at work at sun microsystems once. very cool.