#1415 – morgan wooten

i was telling my mom about how mr reeves was retiring at the end of the year, and she told me that morgan wooten, the basketball coach at my old high school, is retiring at the end of the year.

if you don’t know who morgan wooten is, or why it’s such a big event, just think about this:

– he’s had a career record of 1,274 wins vs. 192 losses since starting coaching dematha’s basketball team back in 1956. that means he’s won about 87% of his games, more than any other basketball coach (high school, college, or professional).

– he’s also one of three high school basketball coaches that’s in the basketball hall of fame.

i did a search for him on, and found a united press release about it, a mention about it on fox sports, and it’s spread all the way to a tv station in hawaii, lol.

while i never really played sports back in high school, i did get to meet him in the halls walking around school. he was a really nice guy, and one of the big figureheads of the school… he’ll be missed.