#1414 – being cool like pirates rocks

haha, so my homework was completed by some good students. very good, very good!

a few of you even did the extra credit. now i am very amused at the top of the page where it says “The following users are also interested in being cool like pirates“, hehehe ^_^

went to school today, had lunch with allison from OCSS, finished my book about management at southwest airlines (found a really interesting bit of information in there… posted about that in . also, i noticed on their site that they’ve got 3 information sessions coming up at bwi for people interested in working with them as ramp agents, hehehe… it’s about $3 less than what i make now, but it’s nice to know that sort of information, i guess), and hung out with bruno_boy.

also went to the frat apartment on campus and hung out with one of the brothers who had been sick, so i sat and watched gameshows on PAX (the goody-two-shoes network) with him… we watched supermarket sweep, skimmed the channels some, watched some NASA TV, skimmed the channels some more, and watched a few more gameshows, hehe. some other brothers stopped by later, and we ended up watching “resident evil” (i didn’t really care for it… it was ok, but it seemed to drag on forever and i thought it was too corny and fake… i ended up just looking at milla jovovich and thinking “red dress… boobs… she’s still alive… everything’s a-ok!”). then later my sempai (that’s what i think i’ll start calling chris, my big brother in the frat, hehe) and his girlfriend stopped by and we watched “snatch”. he had to take her home before it was over because she started to get real tired. oh well.

chris also told me that he had heard from a guy he knows back at our old highschool that 1) mr carroll, our still-shell-shocked english teacher, is a LOT more out of it now than he was when i was there… now he’s not answering questions and giving people completely blank stares… i feel real sorry for him, with what some people put him through back when i was there… and 2) mr reeves, the biology teacher i had freshman year (big, beer-bellied south carolinian with a toupeé and a thick accent) who read to us “the little engine that could” on the day before our lab practical, he’s retiring at the end of this year.

then i came home! tomorrow at some time (not sure yet whether it’ll be all day, or just 10-3:30, or 3:30 – 9, or what, but sometime tomorrow i’m going to work to get more hours in for this week. yay ^_^;