#1412 – 2 month plan

if all goes according to plan, 2 months from today i’ll be getting ready to fly to san francisco or los angeles in order to fly to japan on january 15th.

but, first, a few things need to happen.

by the end of this month, i’ll have to have my tuition paid up so i can sign up for classes for next semester, and my first payment for the spring tuition payment sent out so it’ll get where it needs to get to where it needs to go by the first of december. i’ll be able to send out the spring payment on friday after i get my payment for the week. i could write up the check today, but i just want to be sure of the amount in my account.

if i work all day on friday, then when i get paid next week i should have enough money in ye olde bank account to pay for the rest of the tuition for this semester. if not, i’ll be REALLY close… hm… *checks for his payment info* yeah, i should get more than what’s needed next week. i still can’t believe those dopes haven’t been able to get that posted to my account yet. grr… 😛

anyway, once i get those two taken care of, i’d be able to sign up for this vacation plan that’s got both airfare and hotel… ^-^ i think i’d be able to swing that… ^_^ but if it doesn’t turn out, then i’d have to hobo my way to kittenchan‘s place to crash in the corner (that is, if she still says it’s alright ^^)

all right! time to make this happen. ^_^