#1411 – b-i-n-g-o

ok, yeah, so i went to take my math quiz. almost left too late because i realized that i’d be heading up to umbc during rush hour (which i never do, so i didn’t know how heavy the traffic would be). i managed to make it up there in time, though.

so i go to take the quiz, and i ROCKED THAT SHIT OUT. seriously. the first two were incredibly easy, the second two were alright (we were given the equations for that part, and i know i used the right equation for the second problem, but in the first one i may have replaced a + with a – sign by accident because if you’re subtracting at one part you’re supposed to add in another part, and vice versa), and i was able to muddle my way through the bonus, and i think i got that right. so if i get the bonus right, and that one problem wrong because of my mixup with signs, then i get a 20/20. but if i get both right, then i get a 25/20, which is badly needed.

that is, until i realize that if i were to get a 25/20, that brings my grade up to a 54% ^_^;;;;;;

after the math lecture, i went to the cabaret in the commons to play bingo. didn’t win anything, though. oh well.