#1409 – crappy ghetto ice rink

ok, so i ended up sleeping from 10 pm last night to 8:30 this morning. mom kinda woke me up (i say “kinda”, because i hadn’t yet fallen asleep, even though i had been lying on the couch with my eyes closed for about 20 minutes) shortly after i lay down to rest and told me that i should have something to eat for dinner and that my eyes looked red. i just went back to sleep.

the dream i had was really odd… first i dreamt that bruno_boy and i were riding around in a steam locomotive for some reason. then, after the train stopped, we got out and started jumping around as if we were kangaroos in low gravity with the ability to go through objects such as bridges or walls. we stopped when we got in the inner-city of whatever town we were supposed to be in, and we were right in front of a small ice rink that was falling down.

at this point, my perspective in the dream changed as if i were reading a newspaper article and/or having a flashback… turned out that at this ice rink, someone had died because they took a crap in the bathroom (no, it wasn’t elvis, lol), so the bathroom had painted all over the walls “109” (i guess that was something with the name of the disease) and “if you need to take a crap, take it on the floor because the toilet is infected with 109”. beats me why they didn’t just replace the toilet, but hey, i guess it had to keep with the falling-down inner-city ghetto look.

so then we looked inside the ice rink, and it was pretty small… looked like it might have been a racetrack from an old arcade game with the dirt roads replaced with ice.

then, for some odd reason, we ended up in my neighborhood, and we made our way to this giant gathering of people who were there for some anime convention. there were vendors out in the street, and if you went into this one house it looked like a 3 story movie theater on the inside with giant neon signs saying “THEATER” and “ARCADE”. it was really falling down on the inside, and it was crammed with little kids that all seemed to be in a perpetual fight with each other. i got seperated from bruno_boy somewhere in there, i guess, because all of a sudden i realized that he wasn’t with me anymore.

after trying to make my way through there, i ended leaving through another door, which placed me in a part of my neighborhood that i hadn’t seen before. and there was a street near where i had left the building called “THE BLOOD LANE”.

so as i tried to make my way back to my house, and kept wandering around the neighborhood, and then i kept hearing the song “xanadu” from ddr 3rd mix as i walked around. i don’t know where it was coming from, either. i ended up finding my way back to the theater, and went through there, came out a different door (which put me just a few blocks down the street from my house), went through the street vendors, and then i got home.

and then i woke up.

so now i’m pretty refreshed (considering the night before last night i only got about 4 hours of sleep, and last night i got 10), but i’m feeling so out of it. ^^;;