#1405 – fat paulie

i got an email from japan airlines about a special deal they have for travel to either tokyo or kyoto at various times between november 2002 – march 2003… it can be as cheap as $619 round trip, INCLUDING hotel.

maybe i’ll sign up, and just “happen” to not show up at the hotel, and instead sneak over to osaka? hee hee hee..

i was browsing around elsewhere, and i found this page called fat paulie, about a fat guy named paulie. apparently 2 years ago he went to japan, and i think he’s still there now. it’s kinda funny to read his photojournals, hehe.

also did some work today on my new music video… “wings of honnemaise” set to “space oddity (major tom)” by david bowie. i think that so far it’s my best non-comedy music video…

why can’t i write anything but short stream-of-consciousness anymore? heh.

dave, dan, and i are going to find a time that we can all hang out here and watch “seven samurai”. i was watching about half of it earlier, and dave said that he always wanted to see it, and dan wants to hang out and show me a tip with making music videos.

i’ve got school tomorrow at 3:30… before that i need to stop by the library to return/renew books. maybe stop by various travel agents to find about going to japan?

i think i might work more than what i’m scheduled for this week, just so i can have money to help make things over the next 2 months easier to accomplish…