#1399 – ale japan

does anybody know where i could download videos from para para paradise? specifically, the training video for “ale’ japan”? ^_^;

my dad wrote an email to my uncle, since he’s a japanese major and he’s lived in japan for a few years to see if he had any tips about going to japan…

From: “john fitzpatrick”


Subject: Japan

Date: Sat, 02 Nov 2002 05:49:37 +0000

Hi, Mike,

It’s good to hear from you.

Yes, I’m back in the U.S. as of late August. Busy in the middle of my last semester at SDSU.

Sure, I can offer Glenn some advice, and maybe give him some info and some phone numbers when I have a little more time. Tonight I’m right in the middle of something, so write back and remind me.

Two words for now: dechi-jiten (electronic dictionary) (or at least a good paperback one, anyway) I use the Canon IDF3000 which is fairly inexpensive and only Canon has user manuals in English!

intaanetto cafe: Internet cafe. A coffee shop where one can send and receive email. Also, Kinko’s Copy Centers has computers you can use for a small fee.



P.S. Okay, another thing. Don’t eat any raw things if they’re still moving. (That’s [mostly] just a joke.)

we watched “the 1940s house” on tv tonight – i really liked it, and i had wanted to see it after i saw an exhibit about the show at the imperial war museum in london.

i get to go out dancing tomorrow night! yay! hope i meet some cute girls… ^-^