#1398 – who woulda thought

You play the oboe! Usually more of an outsider, you have the unique skill of making ducky noises on your reeds, and this amuses both you and certain other people. People yell at you for not tuning, but it’s really everyone else that’s out of tune.
Which band instrument are you? by Megan
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haha… considering what i used to play, not to mention my lj-name… hehe…

worked this morning, then went to school (was late to econ, like i am almost every day ^^;; my replacement was late getting to work in the morning, and then i had to come home and get a quick sandwich and my books. oh well.)

anyway, econ was as usual… started getting boring near the end, then the professor asked “does anybody know if aeroflot was (or is) run by the government of russia – as soon as i heard him start talking about airlines i perked right up, hehehehe… ^_^;;

hung out with bruno_boy after that while i waited for 6:30 to come around so i could get killed by my math exam. i had studied a lot for it, but there were one or two questions on this one that i wasn’t expecting, and one or two i didn’t know how exactly to do, so i muddled my way through as best i could.

i think i did semi-decent on the exam… but i added up the points for the stuff that i answered, and i figure i’d get about an 80%, and that’s if i were to get EVERYTHING i answered correct, and get no partial credit, because the professor uses their discretion to give partial credit, so it’s not likely that i’d get any. still, though… 80% is much better than the 40 to 50-something i got on the past exam. and i’ve still got one more exam, 3 more quizzes, and the final exam to go.

but it doesn’t give me confidence when our final exam is going to be on friday, 13 december. o_o;;;;;;;;