#1396 – liquor store elections

we had several morons in the store today. saying things as if they just wanted to stir up trouble.

i’m not sure whether or not the liquor stores are closed in maryland, but i know they’re closed in virginia on election day… but if they are closed in maryland then i think most of them were just trying to come to grips with the fact that it was election day, and so they couldn’t go to the local liquor store and get soused.

i told stu all about that, and he pretended to be a drunk and said “I’M ALL LIQUORED UP!! NOW IT’S TIME TO GO AND VOTE!! YEE-HAW!!” *(pretends to shoot guns in the air) BANG! BANG!!*

one couple asked if i was the “wal-mart greeter” again today. i sighed and rolled my eyes at them, and they said that on second thought, i’m probably too young and too smart to work at wal-mart, hehe. they weren’t the pain, though.

if you didn’t see my previous post, i voted today. go spear lancaster! 11,014 (1%) of the votes for governor, yeah!

almost everyone else in maryland is saying “spear who?”

stu and i watched the first azumanga daioh episode (speaking of a.d., stu found an mp3 of the closing theme… i still only have the mp3 of the opening that i made myself from a divx of the opening sequence, hehe ^_^;;), and mom and kelly watched it too. kelly liked it, mom didn’t seem interested in it at all.

but then again, when i was telling her about the advice i recieved about my wart from my post yesterday, she also didn’t think it was great that i posted a picture of my wart in my journal.


it seemed to me that it was more like smashing your thumb with a hammer, seeing the fingernail turn all black and blue, and then showing people saying “daaaamnn… look what i did!”. or, as eddie murphy would say, like playing the fart game. we all want to secretly smell each other’s farts. when someone says “i farted”, people immediately take a big sniff and say “yeah, man, you did fart!!”


this morning in management we watched a short movie about herb kelleher, who used to be the ceo (and now has stepped down to be the chairman of the board) of southwest airlines. of all the big company managers i’ve heard about, he’s got to be my favorite – he’s got a wacky sense of humor (like dressing up in elvis suits), loves his job, loves his company, and loves his employees. so i requested a book from the library to read all about his leadership with southwest.

it’s reasons like that i wish i had been hired by southwest, hehe ^_^;

oh well… it’s a good thing to keep in mind, you know, just in case…