#1386 – zeppo

last night when bruno_boy and i were talking about frank zappa, we were trying to remember the crazy names that frank gave his kids. at one point we thought that one of his kids was named “zeppo” until we remembered that that was one of the marx brothers, hehe. besides, with a first name like that, the kid’s full name would have been “zeppo zappa”, lol. ^_^;

i was doing some figuring with my schedule… i remembered that if i want to be eligible for the 4-month payment plan for umbc i’ll have to mail in my first payment by the end of november, so i was figuring out how much i’d need to work to cover the payments for that and be able to get tickets ‘n money for visiting kittenchan… it may be close, but i think i can pull it off ^-^

know what the one thing that my family has in common with alice cooper? nobody comes to our homes for halloween! ^_^; they had him on the today show and he said that even though he’s never home for halloween, he always calls home to see if anyone showed up trick-or-treating and every year he doesn’t get anyone. that’s pretty much the same with us… we’re at the end of a deadend sort of road, and up a kinda big hill so people don’t want to climb up. ^_^;

my sister anne is spending the night tonight with some friends of hers, and they went out trick-or-treating. here’s her in her costume – dad and anne made it themselves ^^

stu said that at his house they only got one trick-or-treater, and that one wasn’t even in costume 😛

so tonight stu and i just hung out here and played games and stuff. our cat gadget is getting starved for attention since anne’s got a kitten of her own for her birthday… stu was trying to battle the hun on wwiionline and gadget just jumped up and stood in front of the screen and ended up sitting down right in front of the computer. ^_^;

but crackers the cat is so cute! ^-^ she’s been playfully chasing gizmo around the house, and then he’d chase her back. i don’t have a picture of her yet, though.

mom told me that the son of the guy who built our house is going to come by at the end of november to say hi and see what the house looks like now. he emailed us with pictures of what it looked like 2 years after it was built in 1955 (so the pics are from 1957). most of the surrounding area was farmland, and at the time the family owned the lot next door too.

this picture is from two houses down from ours, facing the (if you were to face it from the front) left side of our house – that person in the picture was the guy’s brother on halloween, lol. this second picture is our kitchen / backyard / front of house (we have bushes there now, but there were no bushes back then). the neighborhood has been really built up since then (duh), and there’s a LOT more trees now, lol.

it’s really weird to see pictures from that long ago of your house o_o;;