#1383 – early start and lots of commas

went to school – we got our quizzes back in econ… i got a 90 on it ^_^

went to the commons for lunch, bumped into some brothers there, was accosted by the bible-thumpin’ guy again (“do you remember me?” “uh… i THINK so.” “still not interested in joining my bible study?” “no, thanks.”), chatted with allison from OCSS, found out about a halloween party tomorrow for commuting students, was found by bruno_boy and we had lunch and went to the library and looked up books on frank zappa for the hell of it.

went to my math lecture afterwards, but left just after halfway through – we learned one more thing that’ll be on our exam on monday, and so i went back to the library to study and find an article to use for a report i’ll have to write for my management class that’s due on november 12. i’m actually getting an early start on this paper! yay for determination (and working to improve bad grades!) ^_^

now i need to get dinner and count some surveys we used for our ifsm project, and work my part of a paper about the project so we can work on it tomorrow during group-time. ^^