#1380 – expensive fishwrap

i just got back from getting my hair cut ^^ i had suzy, my usual hair stylist, fix me up – i almost didn’t recognize her with her hair dyed reddish-orange (even though it was that color the last time i saw her). she was looking mad sexy today too ^-^

afterwards, i chatted for a few minutes with christina at our verizon wireless kiosk at the mall, then went to borders to look for a british newspaper. i wanted to look at the travel section in there, because i read in a book i got from the library last night that frequently you can find cheap fares in foreign papers that you wouldn’t find at all in us newspapers.

it was an expensive paper, though. o_o;; if i were to buy it in england it’d be about the us equivalent of $1.50. it was much more than that here in the us, though ^^;; that’s the price for importing, i guess ^_^;;

i also found a copy of airliner world magazine. i flipped through all the aviation magazines that they had there, and this one looked the most interesting, hehe ^_^

time to dash off to umbc for a meeting about studying abroad! yay!