#1377 – pink-haired girl

so the other day i made a post about seeing a pink-haired girl that i suspected worked at tower.

well, i saw her again today XD

me: DOOD

me: i saw the pink haired girl again!


dan: does she work at tower?

me: signs point to… maybe

me: hehehe

me: i saw her head toward the other end of the shopping center with some guy

me: my guess is they were going to the amish market to get eats

me: and i bet he works at tower too

me: hehehe

dan: such definitive observations!

me: i know!

me: i was mesmerized by the pink o_o;

me: hehe

dan: was it SHOCKING?!

me: she could use a shocking experience of the ‘ol glenn lovin’ XD

dan: what experience? XP

me: it’s like the jimi hendrix experience, except there’s me instead of jimi hendrix, and instead of guitars, i use my WANG XD

dan: i did not want to see you like this, please don’t make me sad anymore!

me: LOL

me: must… investigate… tower…

dan: dontcha wish you were back there, getting minimum wage? 😛

me: the most important part of any job is the benefit package

me: pink-haired-girl = benefit

me: package = well… heh heh heh… XD

dan: whoa bob

dan: just keep the package wrapped while talkin to me

me: hehehe