#1375 – $350 shoes

work today wasn’t bad – a little busy, but that was only for a short while. will, this guy that kevin referred, started working in our store today. we made up a new schedule since we’re now fully staffed greeter-wise, and after working tomorrow i’ll have a nice deserved break. ^_^ no more 46 hours of work and 13 hours of school in a week! ^_^

mom had been saying recently that she’s been wanting to buy me some new shoes because i had been wearing my regular ‘ol boots to work as they were really the only pair of shoes i currently had. so mom stopped by shortly before we closed up for the night – she asked if i wanted to go shopping for a new pair of shoes after i got off of work, and then we’d go out to eat. we went to this shoe store in my shopping center that was really upscale.

(first, some background info: my grandmother has sensitive feet, and when she gets shoes that she doesn’t like, she gives them to my mom. one pair that she gave to my mom was a pair of mephisto shoes – mephisto shoes are hand-made – and my mom really liked them and said that they were really comfortable.)

since i needed a new pair of dress shoes, and since as a greeter i stand on my feet all day, mom decided that i needed a really comfortable pair of shoes. so we went to the upscale shoe store because they sell mephisto shoes.

i tried on a few pairs of shoes there, and we decided on a pair of $350 (o_o;;) black mephisto shoes. we also got me a few pairs of these black socks that have padding on the bottom, shoe polish for the new shoes, and a leather restorer sponge for my old boots. but these new socks and shoes are OH SO COMFORTABLE! ^_______^

i’ll get to really test them out tomorrow at work ^-^

since dad, anne, and kelly are all out of town doing their reenacting stuff, after we got the shoes and stuff (and i got new shoelaces at eastern mountain sports for my boots), we went to eat at t.g.i.friday’s for dinner, and i showed mom how to use my phone to look up scores for the world series, hehe.

yep, mom and i are having fun ^^