#1374 – 911 call

there’s a customer in here who was just telling us about this 911 call from

some redneck guy in flordia that he heard on the radio…

dispatch: “911. is this an emergency?”

redneck: “DAMN RIGHT IT’S AN EMERGENCY! i was just driving down the road

minding my own goddam business when this f***ing deer jumps out of f***ing

nowhere and i ran the sumbitch over! well, i thought it was dead, so i packed it up in my car and drove off.

next thing i know, the f***ing thing is biting me on the back of my neck! so

i jump out to get away and the f***er is kicking the s*** out of my car! and

now the dog is biting my leg trying to get to the deer!!”

lol, what a redneck… hehehe…