#1373 – the pain, boss, the pain!

my big toe with the blister/wart/souvenier-of-london/whatever-the-hell is

KILLING me. i figure that by the end of the workday today (working 10 am – 9

pm, yippee) i’ll have sawed off my right foot. at least then i’ll get to

wear a pegleg and be cool like pirates.

if i didn’t have the incentive of getting 6 overtime hours at (1.5 * 11.98)

= $17.97 / hour, i’d see if i could go home, as my foot is really. kevin’s

here and i’m working my express lane. but then again, i’m not sure if he’s

staying here the entire day…

i hate fridays, because then it feels like there’s an extra weekend day that

i’m having to work. since i only have classes monday-thursday, friday feels

like a saturday, saturday feels like a sunday, and then i feel like i’m

working a 3rd weekend day when the real sunday comes.

at least fridays aren’t anywhere near as busy as the real weekend days,