#1372 – what were these ladies' problems?!

except for catching the tail end of an afternoon rush when i first arrived

here today, we’ve been really slow today.

this lady came in to pay her bill today, and our customer service rep asked

if i could assist the lady with our bill payment kiosk (which has a

touchscreen. a touchscreen. not a fistscreen. and a

big frickin’ animated arrow pointing at a spot on the screen that you

touch to start your transaction. :P)

ok, i can do that…

i don’t need any help!!

you sure ma’am? ok, i’ll be right over here… *starts to turn away*

*starts hitting the completely wrong part of the screen to start the

transaction with FOUR fingers at once* why isn’t it working?! I JUST DON’T


ok, ma’am… *touches the spot on the screen* now what’s your mobile phone


umm…. umm…. *says her phone number*

ok, ma’am, now what’s the last four digits of your social security number?

I DON’T THINK SO! what do they need that for?!

well, ma’am, it’s to verify your account, so they don’t give out the

personal information on the account to just anyone.

oh. *thinks hard for a few minutes, types in her number on the screen

(properly, this time) and hits enter* … oh! it’s the wrong number!

instead of xxx-xxx-xxxx it should be xxx-xxx-yyyy!

*sigh* ok… *starts process over from the beginning, and gets to the

pay-by-credit-card section*

now how much is due?

*points* $249.43


*goes to next screen* and how much would you like to pay?

all of it… hm… how much was due?

*keys in $249.43* (for some reason recently on this screen it hasn’t been

showing how much is due. it used to, but not anymore, so now we have to

remember how much is due from the previous screen)

wow! you have a good memory!

heh, thanks.

*tries to swipe her credit card the wrong way and backwards through the


um, ma’am, it’s the other direction through…

*does it the right way* it still isn’t working!

(turns out her credit card had a worn magnetic strip)

can i pay any other way?

well, cash or check…

i’ll go pay it with a check

ok *goes through all the steps again and now sets it at the pay-by-check

section* …and the good thing is you only have to sign the check – the

machine prints it all out automatically.

*fills out the check completely*

*sigh* ok, now feed it into this slot here… it’ll show us on the screen

what direction to feed the check in to get it to work right… see?

*tries to feed it in the wrong direction*

*sigh* no, the OTHER way. like this… *feeds the check in*

boy, it’s sure hard to do things when you’re disabled!

wow! that was easy…


…and now i want to pay on my daughter’s account too!


at least the lady right after that i helped with the machine was real easy

to assist.

and just now this old lady that reeked of salami came in and started

breathing all over me. yech. -_-;; i took her name down on the checklist to

have a salesperson help her out, and told her she was next in line when

someone was available. a few minutes later she started complaining to me

when one of our salespeople went to finish helping a customer he was

assisting a few minutes earlier who wanted a moment to themselves to look


i thought you said i was next in line?!

yes you are, ma’am. the next available salesperson will help you out. he was

assisting them a moment ago, they wanted a moment to look around, and now

he’s finishing up with them.

oh, so we’re still next in line?


then when another one of our salespeople (heather, usually a customer

service rep but acting as a salesperson today) became free the lady ran up

to her desk. heather told her that she was closed for the night because her

shift was up, and the lady started yelling that i had said that they were

next in line. we told her that i didn’t know when heather’s shift ended so i

couldn’t have known this, and besides, i had said the next available


grrrrrrrrrr… >_<;; i wish i could go early, since i'm tired, hungry, and not feeling well - i've got a headache, and i bet it's because i haven't had anything to eat other than a sandwich since i got off of school, and i'm broke because i used my last $10 to get gas for the car on the way home from school, and i've only got $3.99 in my bank account so i can't get money from the atm for eats (paycheck gets deposited tonight after midnight, thank goodness), and it feels like i bit the inside of my bottom lip... ;_;