#1368 – mp3 ripping

i just got through reading ‘n highlighting two chapters in my textbook for my management class. we’re going to be having an exam on thursday that i must do well on. taking a break for a bit before i go back to the book…

i took a look at some cds we have by our cd player in the kitchen to see if there were any that i felt like ripping to mp3s on my computer, so i got a stack of cds now to rip:

the best of blondie – blondie

cowboy songs – riders in the sky

sweet revenge – john prine

soundtrack to “the shawshank redemption”

every good boy deserves favour – the moody blues

soundtrack to “rain man”

pure gold – harry belafonte

rossini overtures (we have “the william tell overture” on cd!!!!!) ^-^

the cole porter songbook – charlie parker

best of roger miller, his greatest songs – roger miller

unforgettable with love – natalie cole

work was extremely slow. looks like this will be the last of these long weeks i’ve been having to work, as i believe kevin’s brother-in-law just needs to pass the drug test before he’s hired. so next week he should be working in the store.

i figured out that i’m working 46 hours this week on top of 13 credit hours for school. i told two of my coworkers that i bet this has been why i’ve felt like falling asleep in some of my classes (because this is the only thing that’s really changed about my routine lately), and they were impressed that i was able to do all that work and school at the same time.

so, bad news about working 46 hours / week: falling asleep in class

good news about working 46 hours / week: making almost $600 ($587.02 to be exact) before taxes!

i told some of my coworkers about my “nightmare” last night about carl returning, and they cracked up, hehehe.

i also talked with heather – one of our customer service reps (she’s pretty cute, and is a few years younger than i assumed… turns out she’s just 21! ^-^) – about how i was investigating travelling to japan. she thought that it was INCREDIBLY COOL that i knew some japanese:

heather: “YOU know japanese?!”

me: “yeah, some – i took two semesters of it…”

heather: “so say something in japanese then!”

me: “i can’t just SAY something in japanese! what do you want me to say?”

heather: “umm… how about ‘where is the bathroom?'”

me: “hmm… 「すみません、トイレはどこですか。」”

heather: “oooh! nifty!”

and while i was at work, i saw some girl with GENUINE (as in “NOT WIG”) HOT PINK HAIR go into tower records. i kept an eye on the store to see when she came out as she was very sexy. well, sexier than i am in a hot-pink wig…

so, yeah. girl = above images + MAD SEXY + boobs – facial hair – maleness. i didn’t see her leave, though. maybe she works at tower? *shrug* i dunno.