#1367 – dreams

what do a head of state of scotland in a kilt; an airplane ride; the st. louis arch; st. paul, minnesota; casinos; my friends mark and leah; colin powell; a train ride; and harry truman all have in common?

they all were in my dream the night before last in some fashion or another, hehe. ^_^;

last night i dreamt that a former co-worker who was fired basically because he was incompetent returned to work at my store. all i remember in the dream was coming in to work, seeing him, and saying “hey, carl – long time no see.” heh.

at school today i thought that i had really messed up on my ecad course’s homework (the professor today asked us to take out our articles about diversity in the workplace, but i just had a page printed out from the fedex web site). i sat there nervous for a few minutes but i decided to talk about it, so when the professor called on me to discuss my page i talked about how the page mentions having a diverse workplace helps understand the needs of a diverse customer base, which is a good business decision. and that was perfect because that was what we were talking about in class today. so go me.

yesterday in my econ class i ROCKED OUT during discussion. the professor was talking about savings and asked what a prospectus was, and i was the only one in the class that knew what it was so he and i basically gave the entire talk about that. and later in class he asked if anyone knew what lloyd’s of london, and i was the only one. he asked how i knew about them and i said that i read about them in a museum when i was in england and so he had me tell the class all about them. ^^

it’s amazing what you learn by reading in museums and watching “lupin the 3rd: the search for harimao’s treasure” XD

i hope they get the new greeter hired by the end of the week. *sigh*