#1361 – disaster

i want to go on a trip to japan. ne, kittenchan, how easy is it in getting around japan with little/no japanese? ^_^;

first i was thinking of looking into going back to england for a week or so in january, because it would be cool like that, and besides, british airways is running a special through march 31 where it’s $125 one way to london from nyc, and they’ve got hotels for $64 / night.

so i started looking into that, but then i thought “well, i want to go to japan sometime… i wonder how much it would cost to fly to japan and sightsee for a week or so?”

so now i’ve been reading through various sites online and my travel guide to japan. ^-^

tonight we first watched a show on the discovery channel about air cargo, showing how stuff is shipped worldwide via cargo jets, then after that we saw a show about how people test things like cars, jets, bulletproof vests, trains, nuclear material flasks, airplanes, helicopters, and so on to see how they’d perform in a crash or some other disaster. really cool show. ^_^

mom and i stopped off at office depot after work today and she got a laser printer (even though we just bought ink for the family’s inkjet printer! ^_^;), because at the rate it was using ink we were paying $30 / month just for ink, and the printer was barely even used! this printer is much nicer – it’s quiet, prints nice, and can get about 3 sheets out in the time it took the old inkjet printer to finish warming up! ^^