#1360 – want and need

we had this lady in the store (first time i’ve seen a lady with a beer-belly

hanging over her belt, and last time i want to see a sight like that x_x;)

that was yelling at the manager, and she didn’t understand the difference

between “want” and “need”.

he told her that if she wanted to have her phone fixed she could:

a) get it swapped out under warranty, or

b) buy a new phone at sale price

she didn’t want us to honor the manufacturer’s warranty and swap it out for

the same model of phone, and when he told her “ok, you can purchase a new

phone if you don’t want to do that,” she started yelling that the phone that

she wanted was $200 and she didn’t want to pay $200 for a new phone

(nevermind the fact that the manager told her that we have new phones

starting as low as $50, and a few cost more than that but end up as cheap as

$20-$30 after mail-in rebates) 😛 he tried to tell her that she didn’t

have to pay $200, but she wanted none of that and accused us of

offering poor customer service. -_-

lady, while i may want to get a new souped up car that may cost $$$$,

that doesn’t mean that car dealerships are required to sell me it for dirt

cheap because i happen to need a car to get to school.

3 1/2 hours to go, and i’m still hearing that ringing/buzzing sound. -_-;;

i stuck duct tape onto my callus/wart on my big toe this morning to see if

maybe that’ll help it with healing. hopefully it does some good…