#1357 – followup and wednesday

i sent a message to the guy who’s now going to be the manager for our store,

and he says that he’ll leave a message with adecco about it and follow up on

wednesday. so hopefully we’ll have someone here by the end of this

coming week. it seems like it’s so far away, though… ^^;;

i accidentally left my phone at home today, so no getting to keep myself

occupied in my little express-lane ghetto by instant messaging people on aim

through my phone. ^_^; i just tried to do it through, but it just says “invalid

number, please check the length of the number”. i guess that’s what happens

when you try to send a text message to something at the number 4646 to sign

on, then ^_^;;

to add to the thought that i may be coming down with a cold, both yesterday

and today my throat felt rather odd, like there was something caught in it

or that my shirt was too tight or something. but my shirt collar isn’t

strangling me, and it felt more inside my throat than anything, so i

dunno… just now though i leant forward and my shirt collar pressed against

the front of my throat, and i felt that lump in there again. but because it

happens even when it doesn’t press against my throat that has me wondering

what’s going on.

after work mom and i are going to (damn, that was a funny typo… i just

kept out typing “to to to” in a row there even though i knew what i wanted

to type and that only involved typing out “to” once)

er… where was i? oh, yeah, mom and i are going to best buy after work – we

might be getting a laser printer for the family’s computer. considering

we’ve spent about $30 / month for the past few months on ink for it and we

doubt we’ve even printed out 150 sheets each month, and a laser printer can

go for several thousand pages on a single toner cartridge that costs $85,

it’ll be a lot more efficient to get a laser printer instead of buying

printer ink every month.

i forgot to talk about my initiation last week. well, it’s a SECRET! oo! and

my friend from back in high school – chris parent – is my big brother in the

fraternity. yay! and 30 of us went to applebees afterwards and i got a free

dinner! yay! so that’s what happened, hehe.

can you tell i’m at work, bored, with nothing better to do than update my

journal over email? ^_^;; and i left my phone at home so i can’t read

journal entries or chat with people over aim or get text messages from

people. ;_; send me an email if you get

bored too, and we’ll be bored together! yay! ^_^;;;