#1356 – $3.99 american dollars!

so after being paid last night i paid for:

– airline ticket to atlanta for damonk13 and ocarina‘s wedding

– half of my cellphone bill

– stopped at the atm to take out money for lunch

– ink for the family’s printer (mom had given me $20 for it, but i had to put in $10 of my own to be able to pay for it)

and so now i have $3.99 american dollars in my bank account!

dad was going to give me $10 to make up for using my money to buy the ink for their printer, but i told him and mom just get gas for the car (since it’s at a quarter tank and i’ll be needing to drive to school / work this week), and we’ll call it even, hehe


at least next week i’ll be paid for working 39.5 hours @ $12 / hour, which will be very nice.