#1353 – annoyance

with the way some customers are acting (and their attitudes), it’s

really testing my patience today. *sigh*

at least after one complete asshole was rude to me and left the store, one

of the customer that as in here said to me that that guy was a real jerk.

(he told me accusingly that i was the “wal-mart greeter”, refused to let me

take his name for the waiting list, and basically created a scene when i

told him that i needed his name in case other customers came in after him to

see salespeople).

we have a promotion called “new every two” where after you’ve had your phone

for two years you get a $100 credit to get a new phone. an old crotchety

lady who was complaining about her service basically wanted free stuff

because she was stupid and ignorant:

sales rep: *looking at account* “…i see that you’re not on our ‘new every

two’ plan.”

lady: “of course i’m not! i’m on the ‘old every two’ plan!”

sales rep: “but ma’am, there’s no such thing as an ‘old every two’


lady: “but i’ve always been on 2 year plans!”

sales rep: “uh, no ma’am, you’ve always done 1 year plans…”

lady: “how far back can you see on my account?”

sales rep: “back to ’98.”

lady: “… oh.”

lady: “i want to disconnect!”

sales rep: “why do you want to disconnect when we provide you good service?”

lady: “i hate it! i never get good reception anywhere!”

sales rep: *looking at account* “and yet you still use 3,000 minutes a


so yeah, today’s been crazy like that. at least lunchtime is coming up