#1347 – oooo, cooties

i got an email from saying that someone has a crush on me – who is it? fess up! lol

i took my time and got to school in the middle of my econ class – i ended up working on my ifsm homework in the commuter student lounge and was this close to taking a nap in there. that is, until some guy down the stairs from the lounge started shouting as security was questioning him about something or other, and then i couldn’t fall back asleep. i ended up talking with a guy from my math class who told me that he spent his weekend in jail because on the way home through fells point from a wedding he saw someone he thought was a hooker and asked “how much?” just because he was curious – he didn’t have any money. next thing he knew he was surrounded by cop cars ‘cos it was a prostitution bust. ^_^;; so he ended up in jail for the weekend, and it was REALLY bad because that’s where his girlfriend works as a nurse.

so i went to my math discussion group – we didn’t get our exams back today. after that, i went to my math lecture. i was awake for the first half of it, but fell asleep for about 15 minutes in there and drooled over my hand ^_^;; i fell asleep as the professor was introducing us to trigonometry, which i suppose is alright because i’ve taken trig before and all she was explaining was the radian system with π being equal to 180° and so on. so i took that as my cue to leave.

there’s been yet another shooting. o_o;;;;;;;;;;;;