#1346 – take your time

just got off of work and am eating my lunch. i bought a replacement mouse at office depot after my shift at work was up, so at least that problem is now fixed.

my coworkers were telling me that they really don’t like kevin, the new greeter. apparently he’s been telling customers all sorts of things that the salespeople can’t do for the customers, and he misstocks the salesfloor, and fails to greet lots of people that come in the door. one of the salespeople is going to put together a script for kevin so he knows what the salespeople can and can’t do. he seems like a nice guy, but he’s really not that swift at all. ^^;;

i’ve got an econ class at 3:30, but i’m just taking my time and probably won’t go to it. i’m pretty exhausted and hungry and not feeling very well (i started getting a little dizzy at work, but not enough to have the room start spinning around and around in circles).

if i could, i’d just stay home and take a nap. but since i want to see if we get back our math exams in the discussion group today, i need to be at school for that at 6:20, and after my math class is the frat meeting. and if i were to stay here until then the parents would be suspicious, hehe. so i’m taking my time and i’ll probably end up relaxing in a lounge at school. *shrug*

kevin told me that he talked with adecco today about if they’ve recieved any information from verizon wireless about the new greeter positions (we can’t wait for them to hire ANYONE just so we don’t have to be working as much as we are now). until someone’s hired, we’re working our shifts that we worked last week, and this week i’ll be working the weekend as well. so, if nobody’s hired by the end of this week, i’ll have worked 46 hours this week, and done school and all that. i’m exhausted just thinking about it – last week i only worked about 27 hours with classes. o_o;;;

guess i’ll finish up this sandwich and get ready to go… wonder if they’d mind me napping on a couch in one of the lounges in the commons… ^_^;;