#1345 – con then suckage

back from animeusa – that was lots of fun. it’s a really small con (only just a few hundred people there), and so it’s a bit easier for them to show fansubs in the video rooms and not police the dealers’ room as strict against cheapo knockoffs.

while i was there i pretty much followed along with two different anime series:

magical nyan nyan taruto was so cute i almost started crying like a baby in the middle of an episode, lol. in the series, instead of people having cats as pets, there are little cat-people that are about the size of cats, and look and dress and get old just like people except these cat-people have cat-ears. the series is centered around taruto, who lives with this guy named iori and his sister and their niece, and taruto keeps trying to perform magic spells and they never go quite right. it doesn’t seem like an anime that i’d usually follow, but it’s SO DAMN CUTE!!!!! ^-^

azumanga daioh can best be described as his and her circumstances minus the romance. if you want to learn more about it, this review goes over the series in more detail, or if you don’t mind trying to decpher some japanese there’s the official site. all i have to say is FIND SOME FANSUBS AND WATCH. XD or clicky if you want to hear the opening (i couldn’t find an official mp3 of it, so i had to hack that from the audio track of the opening vid i found. BEWARE! THE THEME IS CATCHY! ^-^) or see the intro, or comment if you want me to go into more detail about the series. ^-^ dan bought some fansub dvds of it at the con, and i found a place online that i may sometime get the soundtrack from. ^_^

poor sakaki! kept being bitten by cats… ;___;


anyway, also at the con i was able to get this autograph board (that they happened to be selling in line for the autographs) and have it signed by hidenori matsubara, character designer for ah! my goddess. ^___^ so now my autograph board is about 15% sketch of belldandy and 85% autograph, lol.

stu and i also went to a “meet the guests” special event that we bought tickets for where we basically sat around and stood around and listened to scott mcneil talk. we also talked with the guy who runs a fan’s view

we poked around in the dealers’ room where i bought the first dvds of “ah! my goddess”, “cosmic warrior zero”, and “lupin iii: pursuit of harimao’s treasure”.

the con also seemed to be more music video oriented – there were about 6-10 panels it seemed all about working on music videos, and people who had made music vids (including us) were swapping cds with their collection that they’ve made on them, and i finally got a vcd of the ddr project! ^-^ with the music video contest, dan won first place in the action category for his snk tribute vid, so he got a $25 gift certificate to the dealers’ room and a detailed sketch of belldandy by hidenori matsubara. ^^

so that’s mostly what we did. i was in my lupin outfit friday and saturday, and there was a girl working at the con who was in a fujiko costume on saturday so i got my picture taken with her ^^

but now that i’m back at home, things have kinda gone downhill. i cleaned up my desk and bookcase next to it, and i accidentally fried my usb hub and killed my optical mouse (i wonder if my printer is ok, i haven’t tried that yet and it was hooked to the hub too – i think it might, because when i got the hub back on it was hooked up to the only currently-functioning port).

how did i fry my usb hub? well, after i cleaned some stuff of my desk i found a power cable that looked like the same plug my usb hub used. i tried plugging it in but nothing happened. i then noticed an odd smell like something was smoldering. i unplugged it, looked at them both, and tried again. when i checked to see if it was plugged in, i noticed that it was the plug for my phone’s desktop charger. after i got my computer all set back up, only one port lit up on the hub, and my mouse that i had plugged into the hub now refuses to work. it won’t even light up it’s led on the back. so it looks like i need to find a new mouse for my computer as i can’t stand using these puck mice. grararrararr. ^^;;;;

and after i got all my dvds straightened out i can’t find my first “irresponsible captain tylor” dvd. grrrrrrrrrrr… i have no idea where it might be…. ;_;