#1342 – ferrets

went to work today (rather slow, probably because of the weather), then dropped my lupin tie off at the drycleaners to get a rather glaring coffee stain that’s right in the middle of the tie cleaned out. ^_^;;

while i was at work i did some poking around on the network, and managed to find a copy of this message that we’re supposed to give to people who call up to complain about one of our commercials – we’ve got this commercial with some guy being bit by a ferret – i’m not sure, i haven’t seen it myself as i don’t really watch much tv at all. *shrug*

anyway, we got this message from corporate about 2 months ago to pass on to people who complain:

Have you been receiving customer calls in response to the Verizon Wireless Mobile Messenger commercial including a ferret? If so, please use the legally approved response below for customer questions.

Legally Approved Response:

“Thank you for your comments regarding the Verizon Wireless commercial that features the ferret. You should know that the animal used in the commercial is not real – it is a puppet so every intent was made to respect the rights of the real animals. The commercial is humorous – the ferret comes off a lot smarter than the human who has nothing better to do with his time than to tease a ferret.

There was never any intent to demonize ferrets. In fact, just the opposite is true. Even though the owner of the ferret did something very stupid, he is obviously a ferret lover or he would not have one. If you notice, the ferret isn’t in a cage, he is sitting on top of the table with seemingly free range throughout the house. This guy really loves his pet.

Please share this with your ferret loving friends and be assured that we had no intention of offending them or any pet lover with the commercial.”

of all the crazy things to complain about, lol…

then i went off to school. got an 80 on my econ test (not too shabby ^^), and sat around and talked with chris and matt, and then went off to take my math exam. i think i did decently on it (there were a few problems that i had some trouble with and i know i didn’t get them right. i may get partial credit, i don’t know). i think i got the bonus right, and that’s worth 10 points there.

now, lemme see… tomorrow i’ve got school THEN work. i keep getting confused, since it’s either school then work or work then school for the schedule this week.