#1340 – salary++

so i went to school this morning, and took my exam in my ifsm class. it was a really weirdly structured exam – we were given a scenario, and had to describe what we would do to solve the problem. there were other questions on there, but they all related to the scenario in some way or another (like draw a chart of how you would solve the problem, or what systems are currently being used in the scenario). and there were only 7 questions total on the exam! o_o;; they ranged from anywhere from 5 – 20 points each. afterward i thought that i did real badly, but after thinking about some of the answers i put down i think i did decently on the exam. and the professor had told us earlier that oftentimes people are pleasently surprised by the results (she’s had people drop out because they thought they failed the exam when turns out that they got As and Bs).

after the exam i realized that adecco left me a message on my voicemail on my phone, so i gave them a call back. turns out that since at several stores they’ve got greeters being given tasks to do other than greeting (such as me with my express lane), those that have been given extra duties are being given a $1 raise starting immediately, hehe. so now i’m making $11.98 / hour. yay! ^-^

went to work right after that. turns out that my store manager is leaving at the end of the month because he got a promotion to be the assistant manager for regional operations, and a manager that we had working at our store a few months ago is coming back to our store to be the store manager.

now i think that out of the entire store staff there’s only 4 other people (1 manager, 2 salespeople, 1 tech) that have been at the store ever since i started. o_o;