also known as the maryland rennaissance festival, hehe. i mean, seriously. or it could have been called (in keeping with the rennfest tradition of misspelling words in an “olde-fashyoned waye”): HAPPEY MAD BAYRED CLEYVAGE CELEBRATYION DAYE.

anyway, went to my friend nick’s place at about 9:30 and hung out there while waiting for other people to show (nick had put together a giant outing of his friends to go to the rennfest together). so we ate the tons and tons of food that nick’s mom had got for people to breakfast on and introduced ourselves to other people who arrived. i ended up only knowing about 3 people there out of 10-15 people total.

dan just sent me a link to his amv studio page on more proof how today is HAPPEY MAD BAYRED CLEYVAGE CELEBRATYION DAYE.

if you want, you can see the pics i took while i was there (was too busy exploring to take many pics), hehe.

anyway, nick dressed up in his costume (he just likes to go around in costume at the rennfest), and once everyone was there we went to the rennfest. first thing i went to see was PYRATES! that is, the pyrates royale. i bought a cd from them (only souvenir i bought there, and only thing i got other than food).

we also saw “the bloody drama (comedy show)” which was two guys doing crazy versions of plays – in the picture i took it was hercules and daphne (guess which one’s which in the picture).

there were several other things that we saw (the other big one being “puke and snot”, basically a medevial version of abbott and costello). i took pictures of the joust as i passed that, and took a look-see at the replicas of the crown jewels to see how they compared to the real thing, hehe.

i saw one guy carrying around a kilt in a bag and i’m starting to think it might be neat to have a kilt to wear. XD especially if it was of the fitzpatrick tartan:

mom thinks i’m crazy. i think i need something to wear for those days i feel like wearing a kilt, lol. i wonder where you go to get a kilt. i bet crazykiltman would know, hehehe…

came home with a headache and ended up taking a nap on the couch while mom got takeout from outback steakhouse for dinner, and we celebrated dad’s birthday (he’s 50 now! well, as of last friday, hehe). he really liked my gift – i got him the movie “gettysburg” on dvd since he’s been asking for the movie for christmas for the past several years and never got it. now he says “what will i put on my christmas list now?!” hehe