#1337 – i ownz0r joo with this p0st!!!!111

ph33r my p0stz0r #1337. omg j00 l1v3j0urn@l n00bs cant r33ch my h1gh p0stzor numb3rs!!!11 j00 sux0rs!!11 roflrofl


kevin and i worked out a schedule – we’ve got the whole week covered, except he can’t be at work tuesday morning because of a meeting and i can’t help him then because i’ve got an exam that morning, and on friday morning he’s expecting an important phone call and i’d prefer to be at the con all day that day. so, if we’re lucky, they’ll be getting someone in to replace tyra sometime this week. if not, then hopefully they’ll let us use the schedule we made up and have the salespeople fend for themselves when nobody is here (which is only about 3.5 hours on one day, and 4.5 hours on another). and if that won’t work, then looks like i’ll just have to show up to the con late. ^_^;; oh well.

stu and i TOTALLY FINISHED the “kiss me, son of god” vid. unfortunately for you, we’re not distributing it until it gets a chance to be shown at a con (which means not until feburary, at the very least). but if you can make it to

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