#1332 – bored at work

i’m so bored and tired right now. *yawns* work is really really slow today.

it usually is on fridays. i was late to work, but it was by less than a

minute, so nobody cared, hehe.

tonight i’ll get to hang with dan and stu at my place. yay!

*yawns* i can’t wait for lunchtime. i’m starved.

send me text messages to keep me amused. or emails. i like emails.

especially now that i can update my journal via email from work. XD so email me (yeah,

yeah, i know they spelled my name wrong in the email – at least it works now

^^;;) or send me text messages,

because i am BORED! blargh!

if you want to learn how to update your journal from your email client, send

an email to with /help as

the subject of the message.

anyway. can you tell i’m bored?