#1331 – rolling stones

got a lot more of the music vid complete tonight.

tomorrow mom and dad are going to a rolling stones concert (!) for dad’s birthday, lol. i never expected them to be the types to listen to the stones, and mom even said that they aren’t, lol. they just wanted to go have fun, hehe.

there was a good article about being a student pilot in the local paper the other day. i’m saving that for future reference, hehe.

i guess that’s it. nothing much to report tonight. *shrug*

update: oh, yeah, i forgot to mention – a crow died in our backyard today. it seemed real out of it and was flopping around in circles and spazzing out and seizuring and so on. we reported it to the state health department. maybe they’ll come and remove it, maybe not. we’ll see.

hope it doesn’t have west nile virus. o_o;;