#1329 – don't panic

there’s been about 5 people shot and killed this morning all within a 10 mile radius. o_o;;

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one of the shootings happened right next to leisure world – that’s where my grandparents live o_o;;

we got back our exams in my management class – i thought i did decent on it, but turns out that i ended up getting a 53 on it. ^^;;;;; as in 53 / 100. that was mostly because i wasn’t sure what to expect, but there were two instances where i got whole 10 point problems wrong because they asked for the functions of management and i gave the skills of management, or it asked for the skills of management and i gave the functions. ^^;;;

the prof. said to the class that overall it wasn’t bad for a first exam, and if we did bad on it there’s plenty of time and opportunity to recover. i’m thinking of printing this and putting it on my desk at the next exam, hehe: