#1328 – alyson hannigan

i was watching conan o’brien earlier and they had alyson hannigan as a guest. i told dan to go tune in and see:

me: alyson hannigan is up next XD

dan: dave has the tv

me: that bum

me: watch the rerun tomorrow

dan: you really like redheads, huh? ~_^

me: >:D

me: hehe

me: it’s one of my lj interests, for crying out loud

me: but then again

me: so is wesley willis

dan thought that meant that i really LIKED (as in the “bow-chicka-wow-wow” like) wesley willis, but i told him that 320 lb schizo black guys aren’t my type. 😛

speaking of late-night talk shows, anybody else see jackie chan (makes hand motions) on jay leno. if you’d have seen it, you would have understood that whole (makes hand motions) bit i just did there. i liked how he was singing “i feel good” by james brown on the show, and how he demonstrated why he’s got long hair, hehehe.

jackie chan cracks me up. XD

did more work on the music video. tomorrow i may go with dave to see some vampire movie that filmmakers anonymous is going to be showing, or maybe i’ll go with chris and go dancing at trust. i probably won’t do that as i’m almost BROKE now from getting premiere. ;_; but premiere is worth it. because now i’m legit (too legit, too legit to quit) since it’s an actual copy, and it runs in os x. we’re hoping to get our music videos saved onto cds to give out at anime usa next weekend.

and finally, your moment of zen:

don’t know what it’s from or who drew it, i just found it when i was looking for some images for the music vid, hehehe