#1326 – a little less conversation

new idea for an anime music vid. XD using this song set to various. don’t go telling people about it because it’s a SEEKRIT!! XD

anyway. school this morning was ok. it was school. eh. had lunch with dave (and since i wasn’t really hungry, but had to eat something, i packed up my leftover chickenstrips in napkins and put them in my bag for later, hehe).

picked up kelly from school, and later i went to the store and talked with tyra to see if she and kevin worked out a schedule. tyra’s real nice, and she said that they managed to work out a schedule. she said that kevin seemed a little leery about the weekend schedule, but they got it all figured out in the end. this is good, because this means i’ll be able to make it to the renfair this weekend with nick and will probably be able to get to animeusa next weekend.

after that i went to the us airways ticketing place to talk about my voucher for going to frank ‘n megs’ wedding. she said that there were no restrictions on my voucher, but if i wanted to use it anywhere near thanksgiving then i’d have problems. i told her that i probably needed to get down there on the 29th, and come back on the 1st of december. she said she’d be able to get me down there on the 29th, but back on the 3rd if i used my voucher (but i said no thanks ‘cos i’ll have to go to school). so looks like my problem of whether i should use my voucher for this trip has been solved, hehe. the lady there told me that i ought to order my tickets as soon as possible since it’s the weekend right after thanksgiving and it’ll be real busy.

did some work on the “kiss me, son of god” music vid stu and i are collaborating on. it feels good to have a manual for premiere at last, lol.

whle stu and i were working on it i had him pass me my bookbag, and i took out my chickens and ate them.

me: i just surprised stu

me: hehehehe

me: i asked him to hand me my schoolbag

me: and i unzipped the top compartment

me: and took out two pieces of chicken wrapped up in napkins and started eating

me: hehehe

me: it was leftovers from lunch

dan: WTF?

me: from last week

me: j/k on that last week bit

me: hehehe

dan: WTF!

me: it was good chicken

me: i just couldn’t eat it all at school today

dan: WTF.

me: because i started not feeling well and had to go pick up kelly from school

me: so i took my lunch “to go”

me: hehehe

i only took a bite or two before tossing it out. it had a funny taste. 😛

time for bed – got an econ test tomorrow, yay. i think i’ll do ok on it, though. ^^