#1325 – css stylesheets

i stopped by work before going to school to tell kevin about how he and tyra need to work out their schedule together so one of them is there all the time. hopefully they’ll have figured out something today so i can see with them tomorrow after school what their schedule is, and let them know (if they got everything all worked out) that i won’t be in this sunday (going to renfair with my friend nick), and may not be in the friday-sunday after this (animeusa).

class was ok – i was about to fall asleep in my math lecture. at least we got our quizzes back in my math discussion group, and i got a 17 / 20 on this one ^-^ the last quiz we had i got a 14 / 20, and we get to drop the lowest quiz, so i’ve got a B in that class ^_^

after classes i met up with the fraternity to fill out a form letting the school see what my grades are to see if i’m eligible to join. they say that your gpa has to be over a 2.25 or something like that. i didn’t remember what my gpa was, but i remembered that it wasn’t too great for my last semester i was at umbc. i just checked online now and i’ve got a 2.68 cumulative. yay ^_^ (first semester was a 3.2 or something similar, and then second semester it was 2.25 or something similar to that – darn japanese class… ^^;;)

oh, yeah, and i’m a freshman by ONE FREAKIN’ CREDIT. grarararar… 29 credits… grarararar…. -_-;;

then we played some pool and hung out. yay

i really like the band “the red elvises”. they play russian surf-rock, lol.

and i’m fiddling with css. i’ve declared to myself that for my “el presidente” webpage it’s going to be constructed with css. why? because css = l33t. and i don’t know it yet. yay for webmonkey!

i’ll have to remember to bring some paper to sketch with tomorrow after classes, or get a small artpad from the bookstore so i can practice drawing for my comic. i have to pick kelly up after she gets out of school, and so i’ll have 2 hours to kill.