#1322 – schedules

i’m feeling quite apathetic. eh.

got premiere 6.5 the other day. it’s pretty good, except for the fact that it kept crashing the installer when i tried to install it in os x 😛 i installed it in os 9, but the readme said that if you wanted to use it in both operating systems you had to install it from both. i finally got it to install via some trickery, but still…

and while the os 9 install comes with a copy of media cleaner ez, the os x version does not because of “incompatibilities”. licensing issues having to do with realplayer, i bet. so instead they offered a coupon to get the pro version of media cleaner, which is only another $400 or so -_-;;;

so i’m trying to download an installer for the os x version. blah.

the plane pull the other day was kinda neat – got to see a part of the airport that i hadn’t really seen before.

at work today we had a new guy working as a greeter. today was his first day, and because our customer service rep called out, i had to do several of the customer service duties, so i wasn’t really able to train him (i greeted for about 15-20 minutes or so and passed it off to him to ring up customers and take bill payments). he did ok – seemed a bit weird (i’d explain something and it seemed like he just kept asking the same questions over and over about whatever it was i just explained) – but pretty good for just being dumped into everything.

the other greeter, tyra, she came in today too to pick up something she had left in the store. i asked both her and kevin (the new guy) what days they want to work so i can work out a schedule. tyra had told me before she didn’t want to work sundays, and kevin said today that he’d rather not work sundays either. -_-;;;; i tried to work out a schedule tonight for everyone, but i basically just said “screw it, let them figure out their own schedule.” my job now is primarily to work the express lane, and because of classes i can’t be there that much outside of friday-sunday. and since saturday and sunday are our busiest days, i can’t work both as a greeter and in our express lane. and since i’ve got the logins for the system and everything, and tyra and kevin do not, they can not work the express lane. so i’m going to let them work out the schedule between them for the month, and i’m just going to come in whenever i can to work. (that’s the whole reason that they got new people to do the greeting, because i wasn’t able to work in the store as much because of school). so tomorrow i’m going to tell kevin that so he and tyra can work something out when she comes in for her shift in the afternoon, since they both are doing the same job now.

if i had my druthers, i wouldn’t be working sundays either. 😛 but it needs to be done, and someone’s got to be there to work.

so i’m a bit irritated about that whole bit. grrr…

tomorrow i’m also going to ask at the us airways ticketcenter in town about using my voucher to go to atlanta for damonk and ocarina‘s wedding… i still can’t make up my mind to use my voucher for this for free travel to atlanta, or if i should pay for this trip (because it’s only from baltimore -> atlanta), and use the voucher for another trip in the winter or spring, hehe. which reminds me, i ought to see about hotel stuff for the wedding… hm…

anyways, i’m off to bed.